What Makes Us Different?

All brands had their own speciality. We are not excluded. Here  is what make AVDR special than other brands

Finest Product
Our products have been certified by lab production that meets the global industry standard to produce the most excellent quality for our customers. We assure quality standards in creating the original product outcome.


Real taste ratio
Our products enhance the taste ratio for the best vaping experience, giving you the taste of originality in our products.


360' Experience
It gives you that 360 multi-directional taste when inhale, mid hale and exhale, for more satisfaction.

Massive cloud production
Our products explicitly brewed, as it could produce TWICE vapour production than any flavour in the market.


Medium mint
We produce a variety of series from low,mid, high that includes Crystal Series (Super Cool) which contained mint, suitable for all-day-vape no matter in hot or in the cold season.


Trusted worldwide
Our product has gained a lot of attention and followers globally since we won the “Best Fruity Asia” in 2019. Now, AVDR is well known among the worldwide user and trending for its tasty fruity juice.


Child-resistant lock cap
For safety, we make sure to use only the high-quality materials, the authentic exclusive custom bottle “Chubby Gorilla” from USA (www.chubbygorilla.com) to secure and ensure there’s no leakage. Mainly to prevent by being accessed by small children as our latest advance V3 cap is safe and childproof.


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