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Destrolab Industries (M) Sdn Bhd is a high quality, leading technology and specialist consultancy one-stop OEM product manufacturing business. We serve from tiny to large quantities.
To win your confidence, we set up a very high product quality standard and build a comprehensive quality inspection management system. We are ranging from material warehousing, quality inspection during manufacturing, quality control of the semi-finished product, and quality assurance of the finished product since we know that only proper management can win confidence in our products.
We have a substantial trading connection on E-juice manufacturers not only in Malaysia but used successfully abroad to Asian countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines,South Korea,Germany as well as France, and United Kingdom.
We can manufacture an E-juice flavor and provides complete support of your product planning, manufacturing system, and quality assurance to produce original E-juice by concentrating on the market and target of your company.
Please choose us, Destrolab Industries, as one of "Made in Malaysia e-juice" high quality and very reliable manufacturing.
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